FAQ – General Liability Insurance

1. What is the meaning of General Liability Insurance?

General Liability Insurance is also known as commercial liability insurance. It is an insurance which covers or protects a person from a third party lawsuit because some things such as injuries, property damage, dissatisfaction, and so on. Who is the third party? The third party can be someone like your customer or your business partner.

2. What does a general liability insurance cover?

General liability insurance will cover all aspect of third person lawsuit including attorneys’ fees, cost place, replacement of goods, repair damaged goods, payment of witnesses, court costs, and also covers any persons who get injured by paying all the hospital expenses. For example, you have a coffee shop, then someone spills some coffee on the floor before you can clean it, someone else slips and falls to the floor until he gets injured. If he demands to pay for the hospital cost to you, then the insurance company will act so that you do not need to spend money.

3. What if someone has professional liability insurance?

Although both insurance companies cover any third-party lawsuits, professional liability insurance is different from general liability insurance. Professional liability insurance is also often called errors insurance that protects someone when a customer claims for money loss. Professional liability insurance protects does not protect someone who gets any Injured or damaged goods. It is just the same as the Cyber liability insurance which is not included in general liability insurance that only protects against omissions and errors.

4. Is Product liability insurance included in general liability insurance?

The answer is yes. Most of the policies in general liability insurance have some provisions about product liability insurance. This occurs when a customer sues you because she or he suffers from certain diseases after using your product. For instance, your company manufactures soaps, and then someone uses your soap but suddenly she feels sick on her skin after using it. If she sues you because she feels aggrieved, then your general liability insurance company will pay all the costs of her hospital as long as the general liability policy includes product liability insurance.

5. Is Personal and Advertising Injury Coverage included in general liability insurance?

General liability insurance covers mostly all advertising lawsuit issues such as brand or copyright issue, malicious prosecution issue, unlawful eviction issue, etc. This belongs to the non-physical injuries that exist in the general liability insurance policy.

6. Is Contract Liability Coverage included in general liability insurance?

When someone registers his business to a general liability insurance, the insurer usually offers a form for contract liability insurance. This can happen when someone sues you because she or he feels loss when having business with you.

7. How much should you pay when joining a general liability insurance?

When we talk about the cost, we cannot determine the exact number because it all depends on a few factors such as your company size, company experience, and the location of your business. You must find out the comparative costs for general liability insurance. Or you can get a quote from us so that you will know the rate comparison in each insurance company.

8. Can you get a General Liability Quote of Insurance online?

Yes, Of course, you can get a quote from our site and you can fill the form data to the register. You can get general liability insurance by choosing several insurances such as Business Liability Insurance, Public Liability Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance, and much more.

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